90% of projects run past their deadlines

It’s a well-known fact that 90% of projects exceed their scheduled completion date. This is partly due to the lack of importance given to project management, which is often considered too complex or unnecessary. However, assuming that the project will manage itself leads to the majority of projects missing their deadlines, resulting in increased costs and reduced overall satisfaction.

Without project management, team members may not be aligned, progress may not be tracked, and billing may be disorganised. This can lead to a disjointed project plan, with disconnected moving parts.

If you don’t specify success its impossible to know when you’re falling behind

Our dashboard for project management serves as a central location to monitor progress. Using our renovation data, we have developed customisable templates that provide precise details on the timing, tasks, and duration of each project. This feature is beneficial for both experienced renovation professionals and those new to the field, as it streamlines the project management process by consolidating all necessary tools in one place and offering a visual representation of progress.

With our project dashboard, you can easily access professional project management assistance. Simply select your project type and upgrade, and we will promptly match you with a suitable expert.