What If I Need Support During My Renovation Process?

Aireno Has Your Back!

Renovating your home can be an exhilarating but nerve-wracking process. Whether it’s a new kitchen, bathroom, or a full-scale property renovation, the road can be bumpy with challenges around every corner. What if you hit a roadblock or need expert advice? With Aireno, worry not! We offer comprehensive support every step of the way.

Always On, Always Available

The first thing to know about Aireno is that our support isn’t confined to business hours. Our dedicated support team is readily available to handle any queries or concerns you may have. Whether it’s a quick question about materials or a major hiccup in construction, we’re here to help.

Stages Where You Might Need Support

  1. Design Phase: If you’re overwhelmed with the endless design choices or can’t decide between hardwood and laminates, our design experts can step in.
  2. Cost Estimation: Trying to keep your renovation under a certain budget? Our planners can offer strategies and tips for cost-effective renovations.
  3. Execution: From unexpected delays to miscommunications with contractors, our team is equipped to manage any glitches during the actual renovation.

Multiple Channels of Support

  • Chat Support: Quick questions often require quick answers. Our chat support is designed for such needs.
  • Phone Support: For complex queries that need thorough discussion, our phone lines are always open.
  • Virtual Consults: Want to talk face-to-face but can’t manage a physical meeting? Use our video consult option.

Tools at Your Fingertips

Beyond our support team, Aireno offers a suite of tools designed to make your renovation process smoother:

  • Project Tracker: Monitor the progress of your project in real-time.
  • Budget Calculator: Keep track of your spending and get warnings if you’re about to overshoot your budget.
  • Contractor Reviews: Make informed decisions by reading reviews and ratings of the contractors on our platform.

In-App Support

In today’s tech-driven world, in-app support is crucial. Aireno’s app isn’t just about finding contractors or getting quotes. You can also use it to reach out for immediate support and updates.


The most daunting part of any renovation project is the fear of going it alone, especially when you encounter problems. That’s where Aireno sets itself apart. We’re not just a platform for renovation; we’re a full-fledged support system here to guide you through one of the most important journeys of your life—transforming your home.

Rest easy knowing that when you choose Aireno, you’re never alone. We’re your reliable partner, always just a click or a call away.

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Sean Di lorenzo on September 8 2023