Is Aireno Free?

In today’s digital age, convenience often comes at a price. However, when it comes to simplifying and navigating the complexities of home renovation, Aireno steps up as an exception. So, one of the questions we often get asked is, “Does it cost anything to use Aireno?” Let’s tackle this question head-on.

Free to Use, No Strings Attached

The simple answer is: Aireno is absolutely free for homeowners to use. You can access instant quotes, use our planning tools, and connect with a network of qualified contractors without spending a dime. Unlike some platforms that charge for basic services or offer only partial features in their free tier, Aireno gives you comprehensive access for free.

Additional Services for an Upgraded Experience

While the basic features on Aireno are free, we understand that some homeowners may need an extra level of assistance and customisation. For those who want to make their renovation journey even smoother, Aireno offers a range of premium services. These include designer assistance, in-depth project planning, and estimation help, among others. These services come at an additional cost but offer significant value in terms of time savings and expertise.

Transparency in All We Do

Transparency isn’t just about pricing; it’s a philosophy that we adhere to across all aspects of our service. Our additional services are clearly marked, and you’ll know upfront what you’re paying for. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges to worry about.


Aireno aims to make the home renovation process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. That begins with offering a platform that is free for homeowners to use. For those looking to enhance their renovation journey, optional premium services provide a way to access specialised assistance for a fee. With a focus on transparency and value, Aireno is redefining how we think about the cost of convenience in the home renovation industry.

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Sean Di lorenzo on September 8 2023