Is the instant pricing accurate?

When considering a home renovation project, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “How much will it cost?” The uncertainty around pricing can be a major hurdle, causing many to delay their renovation plans. This is why Aireno has brought transparency to the process with its innovative instant pricing tool. But how accurate is this tool? Let’s delve into the details.

Real-Time Data Drives Our Engine

Aireno’s quoting engine is not a static, one-off setup; it’s dynamic and continually updated. Our estimators and a network of experienced contractors consistently feed our database with current market rates. This means that the price you see is reflective of the current state of the market, not outdated data.

Project Specifics Matter

While our instant pricing tool provides a robust estimate, it’s important to understand that every renovation project is unique. The tool can’t account for all the variables that might come into play in your specific situation. Customisations, unique materials, or structural challenges can impact the final cost. The tool provides a strong starting point, but it’s not the final word.

Customisation and Review

Recognising that some projects have unique requirements, we offer the option for further customisation and review. If your project includes non-standard elements that our instant pricing tool can’t capture, we are more than willing to provide a custom quote upon request. This added layer ensures that you are as informed as possible before beginning your renovation journey.

Transparency is Our Priority

In an industry that’s often opaque about costs, our focus is on total transparency. We provide a breakdown of all the costs involved, from labor to materials, so you know exactly where your money is going. This detailed cost structure is just another way we ensure that our pricing is as accurate as possible.

For homeowners seeking transparency and accuracy in renovation costs, Aireno’s instant pricing tool is a game-changer. Powered by real-time data and backed by a network of experienced contractors, the tool offers robust estimates that can be customised for your specific needs.


Aireno’s instant pricing is designed to be as accurate as possible within the confines of what can be known without a detailed review of your specific project. While the initial quote provides a reliable estimate, each project is subject to its nuances that may affect the final cost. For those who need added assurance, Aireno offers the ability to customise and review your quote, making sure that you embark on your renovation journey fully informed and with confidence.

Sean Di lorenzo on September 8 2023

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